+ 6 circular Boards with on the Edge a Score-Track from 1 to 36.
+ 6 six-sided-Dice in 6 colors (Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red).
+ 36 Chips in 6 colors (similar to the Dice-colors) : 6 Chips per color.
+ 36 Cups, for hiding a Chip.
+ 6 Pawns for counting the Score.
+ Game-Rules.
Each Player takes: =1 Board,
=6 Cups,
=6 Chips of 6 different colors.
=1 Pawn
The 6 Dice are put on the Table between the Players.

Each Player hides in the middle of his Board his 6 Chips underneath his 6 Cups, and shuffles these, with the Chips hidden, around.
Youngest Player starts the Round, then Turns go clockwise.

=In his Turn a Player choose from the 6 Dice ONE Die of the color he wants to play.
He throws this chosen Die (!only this one Die!).
=All the Players lift ONE (and only one!) of their Cups to look which color is underneath.
A) If the color match with the color of the thrown Die, the Player earns as much Points   as the thrown number on the Die.
Player takes his Pawn and counts these Points on his Score-Track, or, if his Pawn is already on the Track, add his Points by replacing his Pawn.
The opened Cup with Chip are put aside and are out of the Game for this Round.
B) If the color does not match with the color of the thrown Die, the Player hide the Chip again underneath the Cup and triest o remember which color is where!
=Next Player’s Turn is on and he choose ONE Die, ….and so on and on……………

=Round ends when one or more Players put, in the Turn, their last Cup off their Board .
=Winner of this Round is the Player with the highest Score. If more Players do have the highest Score, Winner is the one with no Cups, or the lesser amount of Cups, on his Board. Otherwise it is a Draw.

To the Players wish a Game may be played over several Rounds. Before starting the Game Players decide how many Rounds will be played.
Now there are 2 Options for winning the Game:
=The Player who has won most Rounds wins. If there are more Players with the same amount of most Rounds, the one with the then highest Score wins.
=After the agreed number of Rounds , Player with the highest Score wins. If more Players do have the highest Score, the one with the most won Rounds wins.

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