Heroes beware, during Spellenspektakel you can once again visit the Roleplaying Square for a good dose of adventure! Join an intro session of Dungeons and Dragons and let your inner hero emerge. Create your own character and bring the game world to life!


The Dungeon Masters of Dutch20 are happy to take you on an adventure. Learn how the rules of Dungeons and Dragons work, while you take your first steps in the fantasy world of the Forgotten Realms as a wizard, thief or knight. There is also plenty to do for advanced players or fans of other Tabletop RPGs! Host your own one-shot or discover how to further expand your existing campaign with miniatures or scenery.

Meet other players

At Spellenspektakel, it’s easy to join other enthusiasts of Roleplaying Games. The Dutch20 community can be found on Discord all year round, where they connect people and organize new game nights almost daily.

Building and painting

To play Dungeons and Dragons you only need your imagination, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it at that. You can recreate an inn, a wizard’s tower, or entire villages. A fight with a horde of orcs really comes to life when both the players and the monsters have their own miniature on the table. At Spellenspektakel, you can see what is possible in the field of making and painting additional game materials at MiniPrinten.