“In the grim darkness of the Jaarbeurs, there is only…”

The battle at Spellenspektakel is not only fought with boardgames. But also with miniature armies full of tanks, knights and of course…. Space Marines! The generals of the Low Countries send their troops across the battlefield, which is full of buildings or other materials. All to make the setting in which the battle takes place as realistic as possible.

Big and small

At Spellenspektakel you will find wargames of all shapes and sizes. Such as Star Wars X-Wing, or other skirmish games in which you try to win from each other with smaller armies. In Warhammer, you’ll need more than a few heroes, so the armies sometimes even consist of hundreds of miniatures. Within this genre, there is still plenty of choice, with the science fiction version Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar (Fantasy) being the most popular.

Fantasy or history

If all that fuss with Orcs and Terminators is not your cup of tea, you can also go to one of the many historical Miniature Wargames. Whether your preference lies with Napoleonic history, or you’d rather reenact a battle from World War II, there is plenty of opportunity to test whether you have as much tactical insight as the generals of that time!