2 - 5
30 min.
2023 Utrecht
Experienced gamers
Strategy game
Card game

The wizardly drafting game

When you applied to the Arcane Academy, you expected seven years of wacky adventures, fighting evil warlocks and of course learning dazzling spells. After a year you instead experienced mediocre school trips, boring debates and learning government-approved magic. There wasn’t even a single world-ending threat!

If you don’t count expulsion, that is. You and a few fellow students have skipped one lesson too many and have to retake the year. The headmistress has made it clear that this is the one chance you get to redeem yourself and your scholarship.

If you don’t manage to impress your teachers by the end of the year, you will have to face a fate worse than death: disappointing your parents.

This is a game by Hannah Jager.

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