2 - 4
30 min.
Friend groups Whole family
Board game

Je Chakra’s moeten gevoed, uitgelijnd en geharmoniseerd worden. Hiervoor moet je de goede energieën uit het heelal opvangen en de negatieve energieën kalmeren…

Breathe deeply … Let the whisper of reflection come to your ears… Harmonize your chakras and let go for negative energies.
Meditate on your strategy and let your emotions shape your victory!

Choose your energy gems and move them wisely so that your chakras are harmonized!

Each player has a board representing the 7 Chakras he has to fill with gems symbolizing the energy that circulates in his body. To score points, a player must harmonize as much as possible each of his Chakras.

For this he must get gems and position 3 of the right color in each of the Chakras. Having Inspiration tokens, in turn, the active player has the choice among three actions:

  1. Collect up to 3 gems from a column and position them at the top of their personal board or, by spending a token, place them at a more strategic place.
  2. Use, in exchange for a token, an available action: to move its gems, up or down, as many chakras boxes as indicated on the action is at heart of the game to hope for a perfect alignment.
  3. Meditate to collect the Inspiration tokens used and secretly look at the points value, common to all players, as reported by a harmonized chakra (which has 3 gems of the same color).
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