Describe & Guess – International Edition #1

4 - 12
35 min.
2023 Utrecht

Partygame with 1080 concepts!

Describe & Guess – International Edition #1 is a hilarious pocket size (9,1 x 5,9 x 1,8 cm so it fits through the mail box!) guessing game with in total 55 cards (1 rules card and 54 cards with in total 1080! concepts). Teams of 2 or more players compete in this game. One team member describes as many of the 5 concepts on a card as possible within the 30 seconds time limit, while the other team members guess.

This guessing game (of which there are also 4 Dutch editions) works the same as other guessing games. But there is a twist; by using less words to describe a concept, more points could be scored. The 1080 concepts are very diverse; famous people, places, TV shows, movies, songs but also objects and other daily words. Due to the time pressure you will use very strange words probably. Fun guaranteed!

PLEASE NOTE: AN HOURGLASS IS NOT INCLUDED so just use a timer (on a phone). Have fun!

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