The gourmet clash for 2 players!

10 - 15 min

Donuts is a tactical game for 2 players in which your goal is to line up 5 donuts of your color vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. If the objective of victory seems easy, each action is essential to avoid giving the advantage to your opponent. Indeed, your goal is to align your donuts without giving your opponent the possibility of reversing the game by inserting himself into your line.

Created by internationally renowned author Bruno Cathala, Donuts is an abstract game in which no game is alike thanks to its 4 small double-sided boards forming a different board with each new duel!

To start the game, shuffle the boards, distribute 15 donuts to each, and play!

Each donut placed indicates the direction in which the opposing player must place his own donut (each space on the board is marked with a directional line). As each player’s turn is conditioned by these lines, the possible moves are limited and this is how you can reverse the situation, in particular by inserting yourself between 2 opposing donuts! The two donuts adjacent to the one inserted by the opponent are then returned to the player’s color, thus ensuring him, at least, three donuts of his color on the same line (victory with 5 aligned donuts).

Donuts offers players tense, cerebral games, with good optimization and understanding of space and the constraints of the modular board.
Its replayability is infinite and the games are always short and full of twists and turns. Up to you !

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