Kingdoms Rise & Fall: Dorian

3 - 6
60+ min.

Kingdoms Rise & Fall: Dorian is a strategic deckbuilding game set in a fantasy world (TBR Q4 2021). Explore Dorian with your unique character that progresses during the game and leads your army into battle. Build your deck of Combat cards based on your play style with either Stealth, Physical or Magic. Start Siege battles to capture locations or engage in Field battles to defeat your rival armies.

During the game, there will be a lot of player interaction. Players will negotiate, fight tactical battles by using their Combat cards and they might even betray each other. The player with the most Influencers Points (IP) wins the game. There are alternative victory conditions, like team battles and by capturing the capital.

The duration of the game can be controlled by choosing the number of rounds (Kingdom Event cards) and by setting a goal on the Influence Point Track. Meaning you can play a short 1-hour game or play for six hours or more.

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