Ratten van Wistar

1 - 4
90 min.
2024 Utrecht
Friend groups Whole family
Strategy game
Board game

Strategic entry-level expert game

In Rats of Wistar you play the role of one of the four rats that escaped from the famous Wistar Institute. You manage your rat family to prove that you are best suited to lead the entire colony.

In this strategic board game you carefully plan which actions you perform on the action wheel, whose bonuses are constantly changing. You’ll explore the farm, create new inventions and expand your lair as you develop your player board to unlock special abilities. With 180 unique cards, Ratten van Wistar is different every game!

Ratten van Wistar is not affiliated with, associated with, authorized by, or in any way officially connected with The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology.

Rats of Wistar contains 180 different invention cards. Download the document below for a complete overview.

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