The Heroes of Ermaroda Castle

1 - 3
45 - 75 min
Friend groups
Cooperative game
Board game

The Heroes of Ermaroda Castle is, zoals de naam wellicht al doet vermoeden, een castle defense game.
3 helden nemen het op tegen een oneindige stroom minions die het kasteel aanvallen. Iedere held heeft zijn eigen krachten en mogelijkheden waarmee hij de minions probeert tegen te houden. Lukt het hen om de minions buiten de deur te houden?

Uitgebreide beschrijving in het Engels:

“Our last stronghold is under siege. Hundreds of evil minions are storming towards the castle. Our only hope depends on three mighty heroes… Three, against a huge horde…”

The heroes know, if they can maintain the castle long enough, when the sun will rise, the war will be over.
But until that time they wil have to do whatever it takes to stop the enemy forces for as long as possible!

The Heroes of Ermaroda Castle – is a boardgame wich can be played solo or as co-op. You must survive for 18 rounds defending the castle. You choose 3 heroes who will help you to complete this achievement. Every round there will be an enemy-phase where minions move and also attack. The heroes-phase let you control your heroes who will have 3 actions each. The heroes will also have unique abilities and upgrades to stop the enemy. If after 18 rounds the castle still stands, you have won the game.

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