Wondrous Creatures

1 - 4
40 - 80 min
2024 Utrecht
Friend groups Whole family
Strategy game
Board game

Unique worker placement

Welcome to the world full of wonderful creatures! You are an admirer of these creatures and you want to create the world’s leading sanctuary.

Unique worker placement: an intriguing puzzle. Your deployed worker activates surrounding icons that grant you resources, cards and special effects!

Changing Terrains: As the game progresses, powerful special effects are placed in new places on the map. Get creative and use these special effects to unleash your own powerful combinations!

More than 100 different creature cards: collect and combine. Each creature has its own unique ability and offers many strategic choices. Each card, illustrated by Sophia Kang, will immerse you in the beautiful world of Wondrous Creatures.

Evolution of Worker Skills: Your workers have their own unique skills. As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock their skills and strengthen your workers!

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