Tickets for admission to Spellenspektakel can be easily ordered online via the Spellenspektakel webshop from August, as long as stocks last. There are no tickets available at the entrance. A day ticket is valid for one day on the day indicated on the ticket. Purchased tickets cannot be returned.


In collaboration with the Dutch Railways, we offer a day ticket for Spellenspektakel including NS day return! These tickets are available via


Tickets are non-refundable, it is not possible to receive a refund if you unexpectedly cannot attend due to illness, work, or other reasons. During the ordering process, it is possible to take out cancellation insurance that covers the cost of a ticket in a number of (very specific) situations.


Spellenspektakel is easily accessible for people with a physical disability or mental vulnerability. See the Jaarbeurs website for more information about the facilities of Jaarbeurs, such as adapted parking spaces and toilets.

Companions: All visitors and any companions or assistants need their own ticket, only for RTGS-registered interpreters we make these available free of charge.

Wheelchair: All facilities, such as cloakrooms and toilets, are accessible for wheelchair users. The stands and paths are wide to ensure that you can get everywhere by wheelchair. However, during peak times, congestions may occur.

Auditory Impairment: People who use an interpreter can contact We would like to receive the name, email address, RTGS number, and day of the visit, after which we will send the interpreter a free ticket.

Overstimulation: There is no closed quiet room available, but it is always possible to briefly leave the convention and continue playing later. At the entrance and exit, you can get a stamp that allows you to return later.

Service Costs

All amounts mentioned above include payment and service fees. No additional costs are charged during the ordering process.