Hompimpa Book and Games

Publisher Hompimpa Book and Games is a games publisher based in Solo, Indonesia.

Hompimpa Book and Games specialize in developing games with the thematic content on the richness of the Indonesian Archipelago culture.

Hompimpa Book and Games at Spellenspektakel will present demonstration of its games like Pala (about company fight for quality nutmeg at Banda Island in 12th Centuries), Teh (about various variant Indonesian tea in biggest tea auction), Art of Batik (about the making of Batik, Indonesia artistic fabric), Acaraki (about herbalist master at Majapahit era), Celebes (about expedition in deep forest of Sulawesi Island), Pagelaran Yogyakarta (about saving Yogyakarta performing hall from bankruptcy), Taste of Indonesia (about food vlogger who want to vlog Indonesian various dishes) , and Tour de Indonesia (about biggest cycling competition in Indonesia).

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