Spellenspektakel is an annual event that focuses on boardgames, card games, tabletop games, and other forms of games. It is a popular place for players of all ages to play their favourite games and discover new ones.

Activities and Games

Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting to play games, there is something for everyone at Spellenspektakel. From classic boardgames like Stratego and Catan to modern strategic games like Ticket to Ride, Wingspan and Codenames, there is a wide range of games to try and discover.

In addition to the opportunity to play games yourself, Spellenspektakel also offers various activities and events. For instance, there are tournaments where you can compete against other players and workshops and demonstrations to learn more about different games and strategies. Join an intro session of Dungeons & Dragons, learn more about Warhammer, or find out which games are best suited for use in education.

Young and old

Children can also play to their heart’s content at Spellenspektakel, for example at one of the publishers that specifically focuses on children’s games. There is also professional childcare available, in case you want to try out a slightly more difficult game yourself or if you have been sent on a mission by Santa Claus…

Buying games

At Spellenspektakel, there are also many games for sale. You can go here to discover and buy new games at special fair prices. There are often offers and discounts available, so make sure you don’t miss these!

With so many new games, you might be looking for a way to make some room on your shelves? At the Bring ‘n Buy stand, you can offer your old gems for sale to the Spellenspektakel audience. This way, the new games will fit on your shelve, and at the same time you will support a good cause!


If you are interested in attending Spellenspektakel, please note you can only buy tickets in advance via the website. There are various ticket options available, such as weekend passes and family tickets.

Spellenspektakel is a great event for all game lovers. With its central location and a wide range of games and activities, it is a must for anyone who loves board games, card games, and social games. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover new games, make new friends, and have a great time!

Number of visitors

Spellenspektakel was founded in the Netherlands in 1992 and has since developed into the largest game event in the Benelux. Since 2019, Spellenspektakel has been held at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The event attracts thousands of visitors from the Netherlands and beyond each year, with over 24,000 visitors in 2023.