At Spellenspektakel, you can find the best children’s games! Everyone is welcome to try out the newest games. In addition, there are all kinds of fun activities on the Children’s Square, so you can play all day long.

Games especially for children

Various publishers bring children’s games, so you can discover games from Ravensburger, SmartGames, HABA, Koninklijke Jumbo, Goliath and Tactic together!

Building and crafting

Unleash your creativity and design your own toys! You are free to work with the many activity tables and other craft materials.

Information for parents

Spellenspektakel is an event for the whole family, so for children of all ages as well! There is plenty to do on the Children’s Square, which is specially set up for them. Games from various publishers and creative children’s activities tailored to their needs. A professional team is ready to guide and explain, so your child can go play while you visit the convention yourself. A small Spellenspektakel for the young visitors!

Free childcare at the convention

Children from four years and over can stay in the Children’s Square indefinitely while you walk around the convention. Under the supervision of professional pedagogical employees, the children can play to their heart’s content. For children under the age of four, it is requested that you remain on the Children’s Square with them. For very young children, we have care materials, toys and changing facilities available.