De Dieren van Baker Street

1 - 4
45 min.
2024 Utrecht
Whole family
Cooperative game
Board game

Detective for families and friends

In The Animals of Baker Street you take on the role of Clay, Briar, Cherrywood and Calabash and try to solve the biggest mysteries Baker Street has to offer! You play this narrative game cooperatively, so together against the game.

Meet characters, find items, collect information and puzzle together to unravel the mystery! The Animals of Baker Street is an exciting detective story for the whole family (but also fun with friends) with a unique setting, written by the famous children’s author, Clémentine Beauvais, and Sherlock specialist Dave Neale. The story is sweet, but also exciting, and it contains unexpected twists.

In the game you choose together which place you will visit. In these places you will find animal characters that you interact with. Try to collect valuable information that will help you discover new clues. But watch the time!

Try to solve the case within the given time to win!

The tutorial case allows you to start playing almost immediately!

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