Flying Gang

2 - 4
120+ min.
2023 Utrecht
Friend groups
Strategy game
Board game

Flying Gang is a pirate game in the golden age of piracy.

In Flying Gang the goal is to take over the leadership of the Flying Gang by collecting pirate points at the end of the game.

Players collect pirate points through quest cards, sinking and looting neutral ships, finding treasure maps and recovering the treasures.
Furthermore, by attacking other players, defeating the historical pirates who served in the Flying Gang and raiding towns.

Flying Gang has a simple combat system and an easily accessible trading system.

The player with the most pirate points at the end of the game goes into a PVP against the captain of the Flying Gang. If the player wins, he is the new leader of the Flying Gang, if he loses, the next player may compete in a sea battle and try to take over the leadership.

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