Paco Ŝako

25 - 30 min
2024 Utrecht
2023 Utrecht
2022 Utrecht
Strategy game
Board game

Peace chess: the game of chess renewed

Based on the idea that the game of chess can be played to express friendship, peace and cooperation, the Dutch artist and father Felix Albers designed a game in which the pieces do not hit each other, but, as it were, embrace each other. Designed to play chess with his son, but at the same time teach him a friendly, thoughtful and philosophical approach to the game. Felix Albers hopes to playfully teach his son essential life lessons, to learn to cooperate and join forces, and to look for harmony in a world where there is too much conflict and misunderstandings.

Paco Ŝako won the PAX Peace award 2017 and has been nominated for Toy of the Year 2018.

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