2 - 4
60 min.
Friend groups Whole family
Strategy game
Board game

Valroc, the city of wizards…

You have been preparing in his magic school for several years now. And you are almost there, these hard years of work will finally pay off : the wizards tournament will begin with glory and wealth as rewards. But the opponents who face you are just as powerful and cunning. It is up to you to reveal all your talent by fighting creatures more terrible than each other! Welcome to Valroc, the famous city of wizards.

Play as one of them and compete in a great tournament to acquire the Archmage title. With the help of your assistant, earn skill points in each of the 4 elements (Fire, Water, Earth and Air) and enter the arena to tame and chase the most dangerous creatures from the land. Will you take risks in fighting mythical creatures, use black magic or rely on your own knowledge to achieve this? Train yourself, attend magical lessons and make offerings to the gods… As many possible strategies as imaginable but only yours will lead you to victory !

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