Cosmoludo is a French board game publishing company, specializing in accessible abstract strategy games, created in 2020 by Tom Delahaye.

Specialization in abstract games doesn’t mean we only target abstract game lovers, our mission is in fact to open the access to that universe to a wider audience by offering a smart and universal publishing line. Whether you are a strategy expert or a beginner, anyone who likes to give their brain a little workout will definitely find a great pleasure discovering our games.

We guarantee you :

✅ Simple, intuitive rules
✅ Quick games (15 min)
✅ Modern design
✅ Universal games
✅ Endless learning curve
✅ 100% replayability
✅ Huge depth
✅ Ergonomic boxes
✅ Plastic free
✅ Competitively priced
✅ Cross-generational
✅ Collectible

As of today, our range includes 5 games for 2 players, with an average time play of 15 minutes and different difficulty levels. A delicious way to stimulate your brain while having fun. We are excited to present our Novelty, Oxono, which will be released in January 2024, in preview at the fair.

Plastic free and colorblind friendly, the graphics and production of all our games have been meticulously thought out. From sight to touch, every detail counts to offer the players the best game experience. Plus, we have developed 3 of our games on Board Game Arena, to give everyone the opportunity to play anywhere, anytime! Feel free to check it out : Oxono, Yoxii, Hokito.

Come and visit us to try them all and buy your favourite(s) one(s)!

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