Playing is fun! Of course, it’s fun to play a game, but children also love to play with toys. Where games challenge you to work within the rules, toys give you space for even more freedom and creativity. But when is something considered a game and when is it a toy? These categories often overlap, so it makes sense that toys have a place at Spellenspektakel. For this, you can come to the Toy Festival.

What is the Toy Festival?

During Spellenspektakel, a separate hall is set up for the Toy Festival. Here you’ll find different toy publishers with their latest range of toys. You do not need a separate ticket for this, with your Spellenspektakel ticket you have access to both the halls with games and with toys.

Discover the new toys from well-known Dutch publishers or try the winners of Toy of the Year yourself!

Can’t wait to find out which toy publishers were present? You’ll need a little patience, but you can find the participants of 2023 here.