20 min.
2022 Utrecht
Hele gezin


Are you looking for the perfect family game? 

In Blokk! you are the Architect and must build the perfect cube. Test your logic and problem-solving skills by using the game’s 360° rotating stand and player mat. You construct The Cube based on the stencil in play – this is a process known as The Build.

The game has 36 unique 3D coloured blocks where Architects can select only one block on their turn. Players must choose one out of three construct modes per game:

Free Blokk! – Architects choose a block of their choice on each turn

Dice Blokk! – Architects roll a six-sided dice and play the color rolled per turn

Card Blokk! – Architects draw from the deck and play the block on their card each turn

These modes can be played either solo, or with friends and family in a co-op or versus game.

But beware – any imperfections will count against you!

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