Itchy Monkey: a Battle of Lice

2 - 4
15 - 45 min
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…the Phthiraptera in its natural habitat, also known as the common louse or head lice. The lice live on the monkeys, and the monkeys eat the lice. Although it’s quite a nasty symbiosis, it’s also a perfect example of something we refer to as the circle of life…beautiful!

In Itchy Monkey several families of Lice try to become the more dominant type. Every turn you’ll spawn new lice and jump over to nearby monkeys. Alternatively you can tickle the monkey, which makes it move and bump into other monkeys. That way more of your little friends can jump over! But beware of your rival families, because nobody likes nitpicking. The family of Lice that can build a colony on 5 different species of monkeys, 4 of the same OR 3 Gorilla’s wins the game!

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