One Piece

30 min.
2023 Utrecht
Strategisch spel

LET OP! One Piece Card Game is aanwezig als TOERNOOI, niet als demonstratie!!!

Er is tijdens het Spellen een One Piece Card Game toernooi. Hiervoor zijn de inschrijvingen ondertussen gesloten.
Lees meer over dit spannende toernooi of loop even langs om te kijken tijdens het Spellenspektakel!

One Piece Card Game is a collectible card game themed on the world of One Piece!

Characters from all over the history of ONE PIECE, including the anime, and movies, are featured in the game, and there are even cards inspired by famous scenes from all of them!

Collecting and battle

Collecting cards with various characters and illustrations is of course a lot of fun, ut it’s not the only way to have fun! Once you have collected all the cards, you can experience the mighty battles between pirates!


Anime, Manga and Original Illustrations
One Piece Card Game has a variety of cards with different illustrations from the anime and manga. There are many original illustrations drawn by various artists that have never been seen before!
These cards are fun to collect and admire!

5 types of cards
There are five types of cards. You can play against each other by combining these five types of cards!
Create and play with your favorite pirate crews!

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