Piggy Piggy

2 - 6
15 - 20 min
Party game
Board game

The Piggy Piggy game is a fast-paced family card game. Players take turns playing food cards from their hand to try to steal pigs and score the most points. Each player starts with 5 cards, which can consist of food cards of five different colours (pink, yellow, blue, red or black) and goat cards.

On their turn, a player plays all the cards they have from one type of food by placing it in a stack. If their stack has the most food, then they earn the same-colored pig figure — or can steal it from another player!

Players can also play goat cards to discard a food card from an opponent’s stack, possibly forcing them to give up their pig! When a player redraws cards at the end of their turn, if they have any pigs, they’ll score a point for each drawn card that matches their pig’s color.

The player who scores 8 points first wins!

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