Race Pace

Steer to Victory Edition

2 - 8
60 - 120 min
2023 Utrecht

Improve your pace & win the race

In the highest racing championship, the drivers stand in the spotlight. They have to be skilled, fearless and experienced. But racing is mostly a true team sport. Hundreds of engineers, designers and mechanics work together to find the optimal Race Pace. The person responsible to lead the team to victory is the Team Manager, and that is you!
Race Pace is a dice-free strategic racing board game and also includes a Team Mode variant where you can manage two drivers. With 12 circuits you can even race your own championship!

No race is the same

Choose from 8 drivers, 8 race teams and 12 circuits, each with a different difficulty, tyre wear and weather conditions. During the race, situations will occur that change the course of the game. From your radio control centre at the pit wall, you anticipate or react to these situations. You give the orders:

  • Use the best tyres: Soft, Medium, Hard or Wets?
  • Improve the setup of the car: are you upgrading the engine or the aerodynamics?
  • Coach your driver: improve their skill or train them to make them more experienced
  • Make strategic decisions or defend your position
  • Charge or use your Boost-system at the right moment
  • Make sure to call your driver to the pit at the right time for a change of tyres!

With each lap your car and driver will improve, increasing the Race Pace…but so does the competition!

Do you have the best strategy to win the race?

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