We’re coming to FACTS, and we have something really fun in store!

“According to legend, there once was an adventurous piglet who traveled throughout the piglet kingdom from his early years. Along the way he met countless other adventurous piglets from all corners of the empire. Ieder had een verhaal, en een kunst die ze heel goed konden uitvoeren, en deelden dat graag met het biggetje. Each had a story, and an art that they could perform very well, and loved to share that with the piglet.
After many years of traveling, the little pig finally came home and founded a pub, the BARPIG Taveerne, where everyone is welcome no matter where you come from.
Every year since then, when the harvest moon falls on the solstice, there is a party at the Tavern.
All piglets from all corners of the world are then invited to come together again, and share all their special tricks, tricks, and everything else that makes them so special and unique. This is The Great Festival.”

The Great Festival is our third, and final, expansion for all BARPIG games. Made possible thanks to a highly successful Kickstarter campaign, The Great Festival is now available. And to celebrate this, we are also bringing a real party to Spellenspektakel this year! Come along to our now famous medieval pub, bring your friends and challenge them, play for bacon and beans, and celebrate with us at The Great Festival!

What is BARPIG? Nothing less than the combination of hilarious group assignments brought together with naughty bullying cards that you use strategically to ensure a win for yourself. Simple to learn, smooth to play, and no player dropouts during the game, BARPIG is the ultimate Party game for everyone, everywhere.

Curious? Come along to the Games Spectacle…Or follow the sound of laughter and look forward to our legendary Medieval Tavern.

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