These are the newest and best games for kids!

Cheerful, fast and wonderfully colorful: there are already a lot of fun board games for sale for the little ones among us. After all, the fun can’t start early enough! And, they always say that learning young is done old, so introducing children to the world of board games at an early age never hurts. We have listed the best and newest games for children here for you.

15 min.

Magische Berg

Ready, set go: the magical race starts! The magician Balduin lives at the foot of the Magic Mountain. With the help of his will-o’-the-wisps, he calls upon sorcerer’s apprentices to teach them the tricks of magic. The will-o’-the-wisps show them the way through the mysterious forest to the valley.

But your sorcerer’s apprentices are not alone: ​​the evil witches also follow the trail of the will-o’-the-wisps and a race ensues to the valley of the Magic Mountain. Show that you have magical powers and skillfully guide the will-o’-the-wisps along the route, so that they only bring the sorcerer’s apprentices to Balduin.

Magic Mountain is a cooperative game for children from five years old, in which speed and agility play a major role. Can you outsmart the witches?

10+ min.

Kleine Kalmario!

Even for very little puzzlers, there is the Kleine Kalmario puzzle and memory game. Kleine Kalmario is just a small squid, but with a little help he can grow much bigger! He can’t wait until the time comes.

By placing the tentacle pieces on the table and connecting them to Kalmario’s body, the squid grows. The first person to connect all their tentacle pieces wins. With the help of a little luck and a good memory, Kalmario will become a big boy in no time!

1060 min

Smart Dog

Another example of playful learning is Smart Dog, although this is a topic of less social importance. Smart Dog does stimulate various skills in the areas of concentration, problem solving, spatial insight and planning.

In this single-player puzzle game, kids create dog obstacle courses. Choose a challenge card and place the pieces shown on the board in the correct position. Solve it by adding the rest of the puzzle pieces to create a path from the dog to its owner, going over each obstacle once. Play again and again with different levels of challenges!