Keep rollin’: these are the best dice game of the moment!

We all know a game of Yahtzee and it is still fun to do. It’s a classic for a reason. But there are now also many other fun dice games on the market that involve a little more than just scoring points. We list the best and newest dice games for you!

30 min.

Pick A Pen: Hackers

One to look forward to: Pick A Pen: Hackers will be on the shelves in July. This latest addition to the super-popular Pick A Pen range adds a new dimension to the existing Riffen, Tuinen and Crypten editions.

The Pick A Pen: Hackers dice game challenges you to use your strategic thinking as you choose crayons and enter numbers in your score sheet. Earn points in different ways and try to get the highest score to win the game! Pick a Pen: Hackers is a game that combines strategy and tactics as players choose crayons and enter numbers in their score sheet. Be smart in your choices and earn points in various ways to achieve ultimate victory.

With a fun mix of puzzles and tactics, this game challenges both novice and experienced players!



Nice idea: a game that you can play alone or with a large group of people. This is the case with Blokken: you can play it with fifteen people, but it is just as fun on your own!

In Blokken everything is connected by the strategically placed colored fields. The game has few rules and no waiting time. A ‘double pair’, ‘quadruplet’ or ‘straight’ is quickly made, but receiving the bonus is a lot more difficult. Players choose where to enter the numbers using the two dice, but must take into account the connected fields or colored squares, depending on the chosen score sheet.

2030 min


In DIBS! you will look for treasures from nature together with Grandpa Jansen! Join him on his annual family weekend in the woods. The player who collects the most treasure points wins a place in the family trophy room.

DIBS! is a nice, fast and interactive card and dice game for the whole family. You play as one of five characters and try to collect the most treasure by tactically throwing cards from your hand into a shared pile. The cards must match a number of dice rolled beforehand. Players throw cards into the card tray all at the same time as quickly as possible. You try to match colors and symbols with the dice that were previously rolled.

The fastest and most observant player wins the most treasures. But be careful that your opponent doesn’t take them from you!

De snelste en meest oplettende speler wint de meeste schatten. Maar let op dat je tegenstander ze niet van je afpakt!