Let’s play together: these are the best cooperative games of today

There’s nothing as good as fanatically winning a game against your opponent, right? Give someone a really good pickle. But of course it doesn’t always have to be so competitive. Because what is also fun is working together to bring a game to a successful conclusion.

It may take some getting used to for the combatives who like to come out on top, but really: cooperative games are a lot of fun, and they are becoming increasingly popular. New cooperative games appear on the market with great regularity. We have listed the best and newest cooperative games for you here!

45 min.


Not to be confused with 999 Games’ Babel: the new cooperative game Bable! This challenging cooperative card game is all about language. Or rather, the lack thereof. Because in Bable no one speaks your language, so how do you make it clear what you want?

In Bable you build the mythical Tower of Babel together with your fellow players. During your turn you are not allowed to perform any actions, instead you must give orders to other players and work together by giving each other orders. Meanwhile, your languages are slowly changing, making it increasingly difficult to understand each other. The goal in Bable is to build the tower before the actions run out. But will you be able to build the tower before the chaos is complete?

2030 min


After Mission Control, on to the next mission, in Synergy. Do you have a good sense of your fellow players? Mission after mission, you focus on playing the perfect rounds. All elements together can become a harmonious symphony of colors and numbers in which the synergy is greater than the sum of the individual parts. So make sure that in each round you not only complete your assignment, but that your fellow players are also successful. Help each other, strengthen each other and find synergy in every mission.

Synergy is the first fully cooperative game from the Jolly Club. In Synergy it’s all about correctly sensing your fellow players. You are sent on a mission and must complete it together. However, you cannot communicate with each other. So you will have to think logically and estimate what the rest will do.

60 min.

Pocket Escape Room: Black-out in Tokyo

If there is a game category that is ideally suited to cooperative play, it is escape room games. One of the best-known and most popular titles in escape room land is the Pocket Escape Room series. New editions are regularly released and that is not surprising, as the Pocket Escape Room games can only be played once. Fortunately, there are plenty of editions to choose from.

The latest in the Pocket Escape Room series is Blackout in Tokyo. A sudden hacker attack plunges Tokyo into darkness. As an international agent for Team Black, take immediate action. Prepare yourself for a problem of gigantic proportions, which you and your fellow players must solve.

Together you will fight this hacker who has Tokyo in his grasp. You solve puzzles and riddles together and arrive at the solution to thwart that mysterious hacker. A cooperative game par excellence, because playing together is a must!

120 min.

EXIT: Kidnapping in Fortune City

Another popular line of escape room games is EXIT the Game. New titles for this game are also regularly released, and one of the latest is Kidnapping in Fortune City, where you investigate as a real cowboy.

In this part of the Exit series you are tasked with unmasking the kidnapper of a Wild West sheriff. Which of the suspects is the perpetrator and where does he live? You will solve numerous puzzles to free the sheriff. As with all other EXIT parts, the turntable also plays a central role here. By finding codes based on solutions to the riddles and entering them on the dial, you will find the next steps of this exciting adventure. In this edition, in addition to solving riddles, you also have to logically interpret the given clues to find the kidnapper.

Just like Pocket Escape Room, EXIT can only be played once, because the playing material must be written on, folded or torn off. Fortunately, there are many editions to play!