Sunny times! These are the best vacation games

If you looked out the window in recent weeks it may have seemed more like autumn, but it is true: the summer holidays are almost around the corner. Whether you stay at home for a staycation, look for a campsite in the Netherlands or go abroad, taking a game with you is always a good idea.

Extensive, grand board games with all kinds of accessories may not be the most convenient for the camping table, but it is better to opt for a more compact game on holiday. We have selected the best holiday games for you especially for this sunny period!

30 min.

Hitster Summer Party

Getting into the holiday mood is easy with a nice, cheerful, summery song. Although many of the big summer hits (think Despacito by Luis Fonzi, think Bailando by Paradisio) were already included in the Guilty Pleasures edition of Hitster, the publisher still managed to scrape together enough hits to create a stand-alone edition about summer hits: Hitster Summer Party!

In terms of gaming experience, there is not much new: you play Summer Party! just like the other editions of Hitster. Choose a music card and scan the QR code with the Hitster app to automatically play the song on Spotify. Guess when the song was released and place the card in the right place in your music timeline. Turn the music card over. Did you guess the year correctly? Then you keep the music card to further expand your timeline.

Hitster Summer Party! just adds that little bit of extra summer to this super popular party game. This edition can be used as a standalone game or combined with one of the other Hitster editions.

120 min.

In Too Deep

Another one from Jolly Dutch, and one about the sea too! Not surprising, because the depths of the oceans appeal to the imagination. The holidays are of course a time to not think about work, but in this game you put yourself in the shoes of a company when five companies take up the challenge to discover the unknown. And believe us, this is so much fun, you’ll be gladly thinking of work.

By descending deeper and deeper, the promise of high returns increases, just like the value of the companies. But a quick sprint to the bottom can increase the pressure too much and limit future company growth. Do you invest in the right company, or do you take the plunge with a flop?

If you’re thinking, what a nice artwork. That can be completely true! The artwork was created by Gustavo Furstenau, who also wrote If It Fits and illustrated Click! The Great Wall.

45 min.


Good news: the popular family game Qwirkle is available in a new edition! This accessible game has won more than 15 game awards since 2007. So what’s new? Nothing in the rules themselves, but the new edition of Qwirkle is now a bit more inclusive. You play with tiles that are also suitable for people who are color blind!

The rest of the game as we have known Qwirkle for some time has remained the same: in this abstract family game, place your chosen tiles on the playing field and try to score as many points as possible with them. If you manage to place a sixth stone in a row, you score a Qwirkle! Thanks to the symbols in the middle of the tiles, players who have difficulty distinguishing colors can now also participate excellently, and because Qwirkle is cheerful, compact and fun for the family, it is a perfect game to take with you in your suitcase!

Happy Campers

Not completely new anymore, but this is such a fun holiday game that it gets an honorable mention: Happy Campers! A holiday game par excellence, because it is small, compact, easy to carry and the subject is undeniably holiday. In Happy Campers you can each build your own campsite!

Plan the perfect campsite in this cheerful roll & write game. But be careful: noisy neighbors can disrupt your plans. In this game all players play at the same time. You will roll dice, determine the shape and type of area and most importantly: draw. With trees, toilets, water places, recreational areas and of course tents, you create the ideal campsite. But do you roll doubles? Then the opponent can interfere and perhaps overturn your camping plans!

Sounds good, right? As we said: the perfect holiday game!