1 - 6
15 min.
Friend groups Whole family
Dice game

SIXTO is a fast and challenging dice game played with 6 dice, offering you 6 choices each turn. Using these choices, you place crosses in different rows and columns on the score sheet. Each round, you can place up to 6 crosses, deciding how to distribute them strategically. Be careful, though, as having only 1 cross in a row or column incurs penalty points. To win the game, you must strike the right balance and cross as many numbers as possible without losing points.

SIXTO is a new game from the designer of Qwixx that you won’t want to miss. It delivers a similar gameplay experience to Qwixx and offers plenty of challenges. It’s enjoyable for anyone looking for a fun, quick dice game, as well as those familiar with the engaging world of Qwixx. SIXTO is a game you’ll want to keep playing!

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